We are less than 2 weeks away for the start of a brand new year. I am really looking forward to fresh start, a “do-over” and new beginnings. Sure, I am pretty confident that I will wake up on January 1, 2017 (God willing) and most everything around me will be exactly the same as it was on December 31, 2016, but the idea of starting at “1” again is really something I look forward to.

Before moving on to a brand spanking new year, I like to spend some time reflecting on where I’ve been, what I’ve done and those I’ve connected with along the way. You know I am an ” Experience” girl, so I have to reflect on all that I have experienced in 2016 before fully embracing 2017.

So, I made a list; a list of the good, the bad and all the crazy things that I went through in 2016. A very long list, and I am grateful that I have survived it all and live to share the stories.

A few of my wins:

Visiting Haiti with Living Well with Dechantell, an unforgettable experience;
Turning 40;
Retiring at 40;
Getting engaged (again) to the love of my life;
Watching my daughter pick out her wedding dress;
Deciding to homeschool my children;
Watching my son win a state football championship for the 2nd time;
Seeing my daughter’s Zandra products on the shelves of Paper Source store across the nation;
And many many more!
Okay your turn! Tell me, what are your wins for 2016?

We shouldn’t move on without celebrating what pushed us, inspired us or made us crazy, angry or tired enough to change.

Make that list and prepare to step into 2017 ready! Need help? Let’s jump on a call and hash out the details of how you can Make It Happen in 2017!

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