Meet Tamara

Tamara Zantell is an entrepreneur, business professional, and momager to her teen daughter Zandra A. Cunningham, who is the teen CEO/founder of Zandra, a plant-based skin care line that inspires and educates. In the last 6 years, she has helped to turn her daughters home based hobby to an international brand.

Tamara has extensive knowledge in launching an internationally known brand, generating revenue, and preparing young CEO’s for success. She is also an entrepreneur mentor who teaches parents, businesses, and organizations the value of culture, goals, and structure. As a result of working with her, individuals will learn how to build the confidence, gain the knowledge and acquire the tools necessary to launch a small business, get the exposure they deserve and raise a young mogul.

Tamara’s 15-year career as a management consultant and COO allowed her the opportunity to cultivate strong community relationships and administer leadership level training in the areas of team building, public relations, business start-up and project management.


Topics include:
  • Preparing your child for greatness
  • Managing your young CEO
  • Mom vs. Manager, play your position
  • Nurturing your child’s great gifts
  • Goals setting as a family

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