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I'm Tamara Zantell, I am so happy you found me...

5 years ago I was an overworked, stressed-out people pleaser.

I was the one person that everyone could depend on. I was committed, dedicated, and dependable. I was a fixer.

Even as a single mother of 3 small children, I still put my position, status, and the "job" I had to do before mine and my kid's hopes, dreams, and desires.

Then, one day I chose to do something different.

I decided to use the grit, skill, and entrepreneurial power I had developed over the years while building someone else's dream; to build my own!

My 9-year-old daughter had a passion, my 8-year-old was uniquely creative and my 12 years old wanted to become a football champion. All I wanted to do was create the space for them to live their dreams while I danced closer to my own. I decided to leave corporate and bet on us!

And that bet has paid off in so many ways!

Today, my sons are professional football players and four out of five of my children are entrepreneurs.

That 9-year-old grew up to become one of the youngest millionaires in America.

We did that!

Now, I am on a mission to help other families build sustainable brands that will lead them to their freedom.

Freedom from stale positions in life that leave you uninspired, feeling stressed, and unworthy.

I want to empower your children to mind their own business and encourage you to become the badass parent manager you know you can be!

Planting, nurturing, and building your own Family Farm isn't easy, but you can do it!

We did!

We Build Young Mogul Brands

Business Start Up | Brand Development | Product Development | Launch & Marketing | Strategy & More!


Join 4,000 other families who are also working to build their family legacy! The #1 Community for parents raising young moguls, status-quo breakers, and change-makers.

We are creating our OWN normal!

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My Official Bio...


Tamara Zantell is a licensed mortuary scientist that specializes in managing human capital, resolving pressing issues, and making things happen.

For the past 25 years, she has been pushing, pulling, and lifting others into their greatness. Growing up as a little girl in Boston, the idea that a child could run a real business was no new news to her. Her mother and father made sure she and her siblings were kept busy with home candy stores and selling lunches in the park. Creating a simple business plan, presenting to the public, and making money as a team, was child’s play. Her mother's mother's words...” Always have your own”; “ create something that can’t be taken away” still rings in her ears today.

Tamara has been blessed to parent 5 of the most amazing people on this planet, spent 15 years as a Chief Operations Officer (COO), and 20 years managing teams and individuals.

Her greatest accomplishment beyond parenting her children; has been helping her daughter build a business from a small homemade hobby into an international brand. Today, her mission is to help other families do the same, in half the time or less!



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